Health Promotor Ana Delfina Saves the Life of a 2-Year-Old

And you can help her continue to save lives in 2017!

In a rural community like La Majada, in the department of Boaco, something as simple as diarrhea can be life-threatening for a child.

We could tell you all about how Ana Delfina, the Health Promotor of a community in rural Nicaragua, saved a child’s life. Or, we could let her tell you herself! 
Watch below to see Ana Delfina tell the story of what happened!

Ana Delfina treated a child’s diarrhea, and this treatment may have saved that child’s life. Because of the hard work and sustained efforts of the incredible community leaders we train and walk alongside, the number of children’s deaths in the rural communities we work with has been reduced by 78% since 2012.   

And, the efforts of health promoters in treating diarrhea and making sure mothers understand the importance of good nutrition and clean water have effects on these children for the rest of their lives. When a child has the right nutrients between birth and age 2, she will avoid stunting. Her brain will develop normally, her IQ will be higher, her immune system will be stronger, and she have a lower risk of serious diseases, like diabetes and cancer, later in life.