AMOS comes from a rich heritage of leadership development, beginning with Dr. Gustavo Parajón and continuing today in the work of Drs. Laura & David Parajón and the AMOS team.

Our Name

AMOS Health & Hope stands for A Ministry Of Sharing Health and Hope. The name is also inspired by the prophet Amos from the Old Testament of the Bible. Amos was a farmer who spoke out against the injustices of his time. His message about justice flowing everywhere is still relevant today.


The dream for AMOS began in 1967 with the work of Dr. Gustavo Parajón.  Faced with overwhelming need in the poorest rural communities, Dr. Parajón frequently remarked:
“In Nicaragua, a doctor shouldn’t just be a doctor; a doctor must also be a teacher.”
This vision for empowerment gave birth to a broad health care initiative that continues to focus on local leadership development.  The heart of Dr. Parajón’s work focused on the communities themselves, teaching local people to provide basic primary health care services, thereby dramatically reducing unnecessary illness and death.  This focus on strengthening communities through education and preventive care lives on in AMOS today under the direction of Drs. David & Laura Parajón.


AMOS has seen tremendous growth under the direction of Drs. David & Laura Parajón.  The health care project that began with a small collection of 13 communities in the municipality of San José de los Remates has now grown to encompass 27 communities in four departments, offering basic health care to over 13,000 people.  The Parajóns are American Baptist missionaries with degrees in medicine, public health and business.

Read more about our Co-Directors, Drs. David and Laura Parajón.


AMOS is well positioned for future growth.  A culture of leadership development is woven throughout the organization from the directors to the supervisors to the health promoters themselves. Education is at the core of development, as those with knowledge impart it to those who lack, eventually bringing the level of collective shared knowledge to a higher plane.
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