Benjamin is a sweet and resilient 2-year-old boy from the rural community of El Bambu, in the South Caribbean Coast Region of Nicaragua. Benjamin lives with his parents and three siblings, and like any child his age, he is full of energy and curiosity.

However, not long ago, Benjamin fell seriously ill.

His worried mother rushed him to the community clinic in hopes of finding help from AMOS-trained Health Promoter, Jose Gomez (featured in this photo receiving life-saving medications).

With a high fever, persistent cough, and signs of respiratory distress, Jose recognized the signs of pneumonia, a potentially life-threatening condition in young children.

Despite the challenges of accessing healthcare in rural areas, thanks to your support, Jose had the medicines and treatments needed to help Benjamin. He provided Benjamin’s mother with a full course of antibiotics, paracetamol, and salbutamol, ensuring that Benjamin received the care he desperately needed to recover.

But Jose’s dedication didn’t stop there. He made multiple visits to Benjamin’s home, walking for hours each way to ensure his recovery and well-being. It’s leaders like Jose who embody the spirit of compassion and selflessness, tirelessly serving their neighbors and saving lives.

According to the United Nations most recent report on child mortality, “Children born into the poorest households are twice as likely to die before the age of 5 compared to the wealthiest households.”

This injustice may grieve us all, but it should also move us to take action.

As we reflect on Benjamin’s story, we are reminded of all the children in rural impoverished communities in Nicaragua, who are also in need of health care and medicines, who may face an emergency at any time of the year.

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