May 30th is Mother’s Day in Nicaragua. Mothers deserve our love and appreciation every year, and every day.

But this year given the recent turmoil in the country of Nicaragua, we wanted to share how pregnant mothers we serve are being affected – and exactly how you can help.

Nicaraguan Moms are Not Feeling Safe

Carla Roa, the Urban Health Care Program Supervisor at AMOS Health & Hope, describes what a critical time this is to have support for new mothers. She describes how the pregnant women of Nejapa are worried about not having access to health care or medications when they are ready to give birth.

“They are intimidated by this situation. They are alarmed – people are scared. These moms, as well as their babies, are at risk due to this situation… we are totally vulnerable.” Some areas of the country, including some areas of Managua, are difficult to access at times because of the roadblocks and ongoing protests. Most of the pregnant women we serve at AMOS do not have cars, and so they rely on public transportation. Bus service has been spotty during the current crisis.

Maria Celeste is Doing Everything She Can for Her Baby

“Every mom is impacted by the situation we are living in right now,” Carla Roa shares. “But Maria Celeste is a single mother. She’s impacted even more.”

“Maria Celeste is 22 years old. Her mom is sick. Her dad passed away. She doesn’t have a husband anymore. But she is still so dedicated, and responsible.” Carla tells us. “She works in food service at a local food stand. She has only one free day every week – she works through the weekend – and she uses that free day to come to AMOS to do her prenatal checkups and to join in with the pregnancy support group. She’s been working and saving everything she can to be able to pay for her own prenatal checkups. And she had a 100% attendance rate at the pregnancy support group.”

Even with all her hard work, Maria Celeste simply is not able to make everything happen all by herself. “She’s going to be having her baby very soon,” Carla shared. “Because of the nature of her work, she does not have access to government health insurance.” The options of where to give birth are much more limited for someone with fewer resources and lower income.

Maria Celeste and other moms like her need extra support as they get ready for their babies to be born.

A Dream and Commitment:
Complete Prenatal Care for Pregnant Moms in Nejapa

Carla has a hope for the pregnant moms in Nejapa, and AMOS does too: “I would love to have a program for all the pregnant moms to be able to get their prenatal care for free. Not every mom is able to afford it. I hope that somehow every pregnant woman could receive the medical attention that she deserves.”

To support Nicaraguan mothers when they need it the most, AMOS Health & Hope is committing to provide prenatal care for every pregnant woman in Nejapa. But we need your help to do this.

For just $160 per pregnant mother, AMOS can provide:

  • All needed prenatal checkups
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • 1 ultrasound per trimester
  • Set of key lab examns
  • Provide the safe space and community through the Pregnant Women’s Support Group

Compared to the cost for prenatal care in the U.S., $160 may sound relatively affordable. But for most mothers in Nejapa, this amount represents a large proportion of their families’ income for the year, making it difficult to pay as well as save up for the costs of caring for a newborn. That’s why we are asking for your help to provide this much needed care.

In the Face of Insecurity – You Can Help

To provide prenatal care to 50 moms-to-be like Celeste in Nejapa, we need to raise a total of $8,000. Will you help a Nicaraguan mother-to-be get the care she needs?

During times like these, it is critical that we not lose hope – we need this hope to better the situation. And there are things that YOU can do to help. These pregnant women, and all of the AMOS community, need to know that they are not alone. They need to know that there are people who will help them and their babies in their time of need. So we are asking you to donate any amount you can – whether its’ $800 to sponsor care for five pregnant women, or $45 that will provide the lab exams for one mom-to-be.

Yes! I want to help!

Your generous gift today will help 50 new moms receive the prenatal health care they need – without leaving the safety of their own community.

The current civil unrest in Nicaragua is increasing the needs for health care. But the longer the unrest continues, the less accessible health becomes for the people with the fewest resources. We need your help to make it through this.

We are so grateful for your support and solidarity – on Nicaraguan Mother’s Day, and every day.With tremendous gratitude,

Drs. David and Laura Parajón

P.S. You can make a gift today in honor of a special mother figure in your own life. Click HERE and make sure you check the box that says, “Dedicate my donation in honor or in memory of someone.”

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