Last July, Silvina Lainez, the Health Promoter of El Calderón, was doing a home visit to a patient with hypertension in her community. She knew that in that household, there was also a pregnant woman, Daylin.

It was Daylin’s first pregnancy, so Silvina arrived to the home visit prepared to check on her as well. After finishing her visit with the patient with hypertension, Silvina asked for Daylin.

“Her relatives told me she was in bed due to a headache,” said Silvina.“I had to ask them if I could go to check on her.”

Daylin was six months pregnant.“When I was talking to her, I learned she was suffering from more than just a headache. She had lower back pain, and when she went to the bathroom, she noticed blood spots on her underwear. I explained to her that bleeding is a sign of danger in pregnancy.”

Because of you, Silvina knew Daylin could have dangerous complications with her pregnancy. She immediately referred her to the nearest health center so she could receive further care from a doctor. Once there, the doctor ordered complete bed rest for Daylin, and after she returned to her community, Silvina began to check up on her more closely.

Your support ensures that community health workers like Silvina can visit the homes of expectant mothers and their babies to provide needed follow-up care.

Daylin gave birth safely in the hospital and recently returned to the community of El Calderón with her healthy baby girl. She is so grateful that she was prepared and able to access the care she needed.

And thanks to you, Silvina is continuing to visit her and her baby in their home to make sure they are both healthy and thriving.

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