In the community of Nejapa, where AMOS’s headquarters is located, most families struggle to meet their basic needs, like accessing nutritious food, clean water, and medical care. 

That’s why your support to the Samaritan Clinic is so important! You help the Samaritan Clinic offer high-quality health services as well as free medications to patients in need, like Guadalupe and Hanny.

Guadalupe is 22 years old and lives in a sector of Nejapa called Divino Pastor with her partner and her young daughter, Hanny.

Guadalupe and Hanny have been visiting the Samaritan Clinic for a while now. Guadalupe hopes to find a cure for her daughter’s condition.

She shared, “For a while now, my daughter has been suffering from seizures every time she has a high fever. This started after her first birthday. Since then, doctors at a public hospital have been monitoring her and running various tests. I give her medicine to help, but still, I need to be extra careful when she gets sick.”

“We came to the clinic today because she is having a lot of constipation. Also, she has flu symptoms. I was telling the doctor that sometimes she just doesn’t eat. I’m really worried about her condition.”

Guadalupe hopes that with the expertise of our Clinic’s pediatrician, she will be able to find a solution to her daughter’s gastric problems.

She explained, “The pediatrician gave me some advice related to food and nutrition. More specifically, he gave me a list of foods I shouldn’t feed her, and a list of foods that might do her good. He asked me to come back in 15 days so he can follow up on her condition.”

“I feel good about the Clinic’s services because they treat their patients with love. I have noticed that in other places, it is not the same. Here, they always take good care of my girl.”

Thank you for your generosity to AMOS and our Samaritan Clinic! You are supporting moms like Guadalupe, caring for vulnerable children like Hanny, and helping them know they are not alone!

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