We are sharing one of the many stories of hope from Silvina – a story of women supporting women – and just one example of how your support over the past 15 years has brought communities together to save lives.

“There are always several pregnant women in my community of Calderón. One day, a pregnant woman I had been visiting regularly had a fever of 103.1°F. Her blood pressure was also very high, and she was suffering from dysentery.

I gave her medicine right away and placed a wet cloth on her forehead to help reduce her fever. As she lay there, I helped her drink rehydration liquids to replace the fluids she had lost.

Silvina Lainez (left) during a home visit to a pregnant mom in El Calderon.

“I was worried for the mother because her baby wasn’t due for a while, and she was such pain from the dysentery. It was a Sunday, so I prayed that someone at the health center would answer my call. The doctor did pick up, but she informed me there wasn’t an ambulance available to come get her right away.”

“I knew the woman’s life was at risk, so I asked the doctor to send the ambulance when she could and informed her I would start taking the mother out by foot to meet the ambulance on the road.

There were no men around to help me move the woman, so I went to gather the neighborhood women to help. Together, we began to slowly carry her to the road.

As we were moving through the community, other women saw us and came to join us. Some of them brought water, others brought umbrellas, and we all took turns carrying the woman.

As we were hiking up a hill, I looked back and saw a chain of women carrying the pregnant mother and others who were following to help. It was so inspiring to see all those community members there to support just one person.

And together, we made it! We carried the woman with our own arms and met the ambulance just as it was coming down the road.

The mother stayed at the health center for three days because the dysentery was serious, and the doctors feared she would lose her baby. But, thanks to God, she stabilized and recovered.

Silvina during a training with AMOS.

Because AMOS has trained me to recognize when a life is in danger, and because of the love and support shown by the women in our community, the lives of a mother and a baby were saved that day.”

Silvina Lainez, Health Promoter in El Calderon.

You make these stories of hope possible. Thank you for everything you do to improve health and save lives in Nicaragua! Stay tuned to read more of your 15 stories of hope!

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