Everyone deserves to have health and hope.

You Help Us Deliver Hope!

“Children used to die very often, from pneumonia or dehydration, vomiting, and even diarrhea. Mothers gave birth at home, and many of them died during childbirth. Fortunately, thanks to your support, things have changed for the better!

“Now, when there is an emergency, we are able to coordinate with the health authorities and get an ambulance. If there is a pregnant mom, sick child, or injured person, we can get them to a hospital. Women do not give birth at home; they deliver their babies safely at a health unit. And if there are complications, they can be transferred to a hospital.”

~Agustín Malueños, Health Promoter in El Cedro, South Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua

How We Help

AMOS equips local people with the training and resources to treat illnesses, prevent death and disease, and strengthen collaboration to facilitate health care for the community, and by the community.

Imagine a world...

Imagine a world where the place you are born does not determine your opportunity in life – where every one of God’s children has the physical, emotional, and spiritual health needed to unlock their full potential.

We know that the solution is not new or high-tech. It lies in the hands of our world’s greatest resource – its people.

Founded in 2007 by medical missionaries Drs. Gustavo, David, and Laura Parajón, AMOS trains local people in rural villages in an effort to extend the primary health care system all the way to the very last house in the most remote community. 

Your Impact in Nicaragua

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Your Impact in Nicaragua

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