Everyone deserves to have health and hope.

A world with health and hope for all.

Through partnerships with communities, churches, individuals, and organizations, we work alongside vulnerable people in Nicaragua to create a world where no child dies from a preventable disease. Together, we seek a world of peace and justice, with health and hope for all.

How We Help

You help us put effective and empowering health care into practice.

The AMOS Health and Hope Legacy

The dream for AMOS began in 1967 with the work of Dr. Gustavo Parajón, a physician, medical missionary, and American Baptist Pastor. Faced with overwhelming need in the poorest rural communities, Dr. Parajón frequently remarked, “In Nicaragua, a doctor shouldn’t just be a doctor; a doctor must also be a teacher.”

This vision for empowerment gave birth to a broad health care initiative that continues to focus on local leadership development to improve the health of vulnerable people in need.

Your Impact in Nicaragua

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What's New

AMOS Update #4 on the COVID-19 Pandemic in Nicaragua

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect everyone around the globe, we keep praying for the health and safety of your communities and Nicaragua. And we are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support, friendship, and prayers. As of July 21st, Nicaraguan health authorities have officially confirmed 3,439 cases of COVID-19 within our borders and 108…

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Healthier, Stronger Communities – Thanks to You!

In 2016, a new virus called Zika threatened the health of millions of people. It was the first known mosquito-borne virus to cause birth defects such as microcephaly. Your prompt response to this health emergency helped AMOS and our partner, the Sustainable Sciences Institute, develop a low-cost, successful, and scalable intervention to prevent the spread…

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