For the first time ever, we held a Health Fair in Villa Guadalupe!

Since 2019, AMOS serves the vulnerable neighborhood of Villa Guadalupe (where the city dump is located) through one of our clinics. Most families living in this community live in severe poverty and very vulnerable conditions. That is why we were so happy to share health and hope with them.

On June 8th, together with volunteers from Nicaragua Medical Missions and ChenMed, we left our offices in Nejapa and traveled to a public school near our clinic in Villa Guadalupe. This school provided a good space to receive the more than 200 patients we cared for that day.

We started seeing patients at 7:00 a.m. and offered dermatology, general medicine, pediatrics, and internal medicine consultations. We also dewormed all the children who visited the fair, played and took good care of them.

All of the patients returned home with needed medicines provided for free. Many of them were also given follow-up appointments and left hopeful and grateful for the care provided to them and their children.

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