When Dr. Gustavo Parajón began his community health work in Nicaragua in the late 1960s, he cast a vision of a model that could reduce preventable deaths and improve the health and well-being of people who suffer from the unjust conditions of poverty in Nicaragua.

Drs. David and Laura Parajón continued his vision when they founded AMOS, and that vision lives on in our ministry today.

As a way to honor Dr. Gustavo’s legacy of faith, justice, and hope, we are proud to present The Parajón Society.

How to Join

Give Generously

Make a gift of $5,000 or more annually, through one-time, quarterly, or monthly gifts. Check out the Ways to Give or contact us at communications@amoshealth.org to make a pledge today.

Leave a Legacy

Add AMOS to your will or trust by specifying a percentage, fixed dollar amount, or a residual amount of what may be left over after all other distributions are made according to your wishes. Generally, at it takes is one sentence, and there is no cost to you now!

Legacy gifts made to AMOS are to be allocated towards the principal of a Quasi-Endowment Fund that is generating interest to support the ministry of AMOS for years to come.


When you become a member of The Parajón Society, you join a group of faithful AMOS supporters committed to investing in advancing community empowerment for lasting change that saves lives and improves the wellbeing of entire communities in Nicaragua. Other benefits include:

A copy of Healing the World, Dr. Gustavo’s biography.

An exclusive quarterly email from our Executive Director, Dr. Gabriella Woo.

Know first about virtual calls with key leadership and staff throughout the year.

Annual Statements for convenient tax preparation.

“What God loves is justice, and having and showing constant love, and being able to live in humble fellowship with the Lord every day.”

Dr. Gustavo Parajón, AMOS co-founder

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