Today, we want you to get to know Yadira Sevilla a bit better.

Yadira is the Health Promoter in the community of Tierra Blanca in Boaco. Thanks to your support, she has been there to help save the lives of many children, pregnant women, moms, and babies. Her desire to serve and help others has only grown stronger over the years, and that is why she took on the challenge and completed a degree in nursing last year.

Now that Yadira is also a mother to a baby boy, she has experienced the joy of motherhood, but she has also been in the position of caring for a sick child at times.

In this interview, Yadira shares about the new challenges she is facing and how she keeps strong and motivated while working on this important mission.

Yadira has been serving her community as a Health Promoter for almost 13 years. “I was elected by the Health Committee. In that moment I was 18 years old,” remembers Yadira. “I was trained in Managua for a period of three months, that’s how I started learning the basics of primary health care.”

“I remember a little girl sick with pneumonia, she was only 2 years old back in the day,” shares Yadira. “She is a very special girl because she has a motor skills impairment, she has never been able to walk. And, I remember that it was thanks to the AMOS trainings that we were able to save her life.” 

“Not only we had the medicine, but we also had the knowledge to properly use that medicine. We stabilized her and took care of her until the ambulance arrived and she was finally transferred to the closest hospital. Today, the girl is 15 years old.”

Yadira Sevilla is a new mom. Last year, Yadira gave birth to her first baby.

As a Health Promoter, I have received many trainings about prenatal care and how to help, support, and counsel pregnant women during their entire pregnancy and after childbirth. However, it is a totally different thing when you become the one that is expecting. My baby boy is now 13 months old. And, I think that my experience as a Health Promoter has prepared me a lot for this moment.”

“My experience and trainings have been really useful to deal with many situations. However, it is different when the one sick or the one in danger is your own baby. I have always advised moms to stay calm in these situations, but still I have found myself worrying to the point of losing my calm and getting anxious even thought I know that’s not the right thing to do.”

Yadira’s baby boy is growing healthy and strong. Being a mother has also allowed Yadira to put herself on the shoes of those mothers who are desperate to get health care and medicines for their sick children. 

Thank you for helping Yadira care for the children in Tierra Blanca and share hope with their families!

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