“There is nothing else to do, we have no hope of her surviving. Please contact the mayor’s office and help us get a coffin to mourn her.” 

When Ada Luz Montenegro, AMOS-trained Health Promoter in Apantillo, heard this from the parents of 11-year-old Maura, she was astonished but refused to give up hope for the little girl.

Maura’s family had recently moved back to Apantillo. At nine years old, she was diagnosed with diabetes. After that, she began losing weight. Her mother tried to get Maura the medicines she needed in different ways; she went to the health center a few times, but the staff was away, engaged in various health related activities.

Maura ended up severely malnourished. She couldn’t talk, had a blank stare and limited movements, and her left leg was injured.

Her family had lost hope for Maura to live much longer. But Ada Luz refused to give up.

“I am committed to getting people to help us and take Maura to the hospital until she recovers”, Ada Luz told the parents while she started making calls and reaching out to her contacts at the health center. 

Maura’s family didn’t think Ada’s efforts would have good results, but they decided to trust her. They moved Maura to Matiguas’ Health Center, located more than 4 hours away. Maura was later transferred to the regional hospital, where she stayed for a month with high blood sugar levels and a grim prognosis.

Maura asked Ada Luz to stay with her in those difficult moments. So, Ada Luz stayed and encouraged her: “You are going to survive, you are going to go back to school, and you’re going to succeed.”

During those challenging weeks, Ada Luz prayed for Maura and her mother, comforted them and didn’t lose hope for a future in which Maura could live a happy and healthy life. 

Thanks to these efforts and Ada Luz’s commitment, Maura improved. She regained her weight, returned home and went back to school. 

Maura dreams of growing up and becoming a Health Promoter like Ada Luz, so that she can also give hope to others in her community.


  1. 1
    Kent Harrop on June 4, 2024

    Praise God….and thank God for the healing work of Ada Luz! God bless Maura and her family!

  2. 2
    PEDRO LEON PEREZ on June 4, 2024

    I thank God for working with AMOS in Nicaragua and being able to provide health care to Maura and many other children in vulnerable situations.

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