Supervision rounds are very important for our rural health care program. And, we can’t wait to take you on a short trip to the rural communities of Fila Grande and San José de la Mula, which our team recently visited.  

You are invited to join us for a quick trip to the rural communities!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

“This is the second supervision round of the year. I’m working with young community leaders and training them to become Health Promoters in the future. This is the second time I meet with this group.

– Socorro Acuña (Rural Primary Health Care Supervisor)

Our supervision team is formed by:
– Socorro Acuña
– Milton Vallejos
– Oswman Salgado

You have probably already read some articles and stories about them and the wonderful job you help them do, such as visiting, training, and providing support to Health Promoters in 23 rural communities. 

What else do supervisors do?

– Check the stock of medicines to make sure there are enough
– Follow up on specific patients or cases per request of the Health Promoters
– Train community leaders on new health protocols or review them together 
– Provide answers to any questions Health Promoters have
– Meet with Health Committee members to hear about their concerns and check on their progress

We are so grateful that you a here! We have walked around and took some pictures of the team so you can see the different tasks they are working on. Have a quick look below!

Whenever I have a doubt or concern, I know the supervisors will always be there to help me and give their advice. They explain every topic and respond to our concerns in a very polite and kind manner. They live out AMOS Christian values and treat us with love and respect.”

– Petronilo Gaitán (Health Promoter of Fila Grande)

Your continued support to this ministry is helping our team continue visiting rural, remote communities in Nicaragua. Thank you for helping us serve our brothers and sisters in need!

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