The following message was extracted from the AMOS Annual Report 2020. You can download the full report here.

Letter from the Executive Director

Every day in Nicaragua, people struggle to drink clean water, or afford even the most basic food items. Moms agonize with worry, with no means to take their sick children to hospitals located hours away. Families fear getting sick with a deadly virus, or worse, spreading it to their neighbors.

This past year has reminded us all of our fragility. We have been afflicted with uncertainty, vulnerability, and grief. We have stumbled and fallen. And yet, this past year has also ignited within us a spark of hope – a small flame of faith, and a promise of renewed purpose that we are called to reinvest back into the world.

You are our spark of hope. Your compassion, commitment, and contributions to our ministry have inspired us to keep going. Even when it seemed like there was only darkness ahead, you continued to light our way.

You ignited change throughout our ministry in Nicaragua in so many ways:

  • You equipped our 25 urban and rural community clinics with needed medicines, supplies, personal protective equipment, and handwashing stations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • You supported health promoters in educating families on how to protect themselves and their neighbors from COVID-19.
  • You prayed for Nicaragua, and provided much needed food and hygiene kits to families affected by two catastrophic hurricanes.
  • You brought a spark of hope to life’s highs and lows… to every pregnant mom who gave birth safely and held her newborn baby, to every patient who needed and sought emergency care, and to every parent who felt a sigh of relief when their child was treated by a health promoter in their own community.

We know there are still challenges to come. The light at the end of the tunnel may dim, and the unexpected and the unknown may cast shadow upon it.

But when the shadows subside, our spark of hope will be brighter. It will reflect the light of God, and our strength in community. It will guide our way as we rise towards what is to come.

Thank you for igniting little fires for hope all throughout our AMOS ministry. May we share in the light together, that soon, we may rise together.

With immense gratitude,

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