We have exciting news to share with you!

In order to strengthen AMOS today and for the future, we have decided to expand our leadership team. Thanks to supporters like you, for more than 50 years, local leaders in Nicaragua have saved the lives of pregnant mothers and newborn babies, and helped improve the health of thousands more vulnerable people.

To expand our reach and share our model of community-based health care with other organizations, Dr. David will continue as our Executive Director, but will dedicate more time to traveling globally. He will explore opportunities for growth, network with partners, and help develop the resources needed to continue our mission long into the future.

Dr. Laura is now our Chief Strategy Officer, working to help guide the future of AMOS. She now serves part-time on the faculty of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine as Director of the Center for Participatory Research. She teaches our model to other health professionals, develops new programs, and continues to build partnerships for AMOS with universities, churches, and individual supporters.

For the new position of Country Director, the AMOS Board unanimously promoted one of our very own staff members, Dr. Gabriella Woo.

Dr. Gabriella is well-known at AMOS for her nearly eight years of hard work, team playing, medical and organizational leadership, and her ability to inspire others to do their best. She is an example of a leader rising through the ranks and growing every step of the way. We are confident that she will excel in her new role leading the day-to-day operations of AMOS and working closely with the entire leadership team.

While Nicaragua continues to face serious economic, social, and political challenges, we feel blessed by the outstanding leadership of our staff and volunteers. We are grateful for our partnerships with churches, universities, foundations, mission team members, and our many generous financial donors. And we thank God for our community health workers, whose unwavering service to their neighbors in 25 vulnerable communities makes health and hope possible.

Thank you for your continuing support, which allows us all to continue ministering to people in need, improving health, and sharing hope!


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