Ignacio de Jesus Torres is 65 years old. He first came to the clinic after his sister recommended it. “She said it was a really good clinic and that it was affordable”, shared Ignacio.

Ignacio came to the Samaritan Clinic looking for a general physician, but he was happily surprised to see dental care was offered as well. “I have been having pain in one of my molars, but I also suffer from diabetes. My diagnosis is very recent, I just found out a couple of months ago. Today, I am here to see the dentist, and he is taking my health into account. So, they are running some tests.

The dentist has been very kind and I felt reassured. He wants to make sure my glucose is under control before performing any procedure. In the meantime he gave me some medicine to help with the pain. I am grateful because it alleviated the pain, but I know I have to come back.

I see the dentist office is very well equipped and the cost of services is much lower than in other places. In most private clinics all they care is how much you will pay. Here, they really care about the patient, I felt the nurses, doctors, and the dentist, they were all trying to do what is best for me. So, I will definitely come back.”

Thank you for making the communities we serve happier through the power of smiles and hope. 

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