Pánfila, Health Promoter Candidate from Nacascolo, is one of the many community health leaders currently in training to support the work of current Health Promoters or step up to that role if needed. A few weeks ago, she shared about her and her challenges in this process:

“I am 25 years old. I was born in Managua, grew up in the rural community of La Majada, but after getting married I moved to Nacascolo. I have two children: a 6-years-old girl, and a 3-years-old boy. With both of my pregnancies, Victor Urbina, the AMOS-trained Health Promoter in the community, cared for me and provided prenatal care.”

After moving to Nacascolo, Pánfila joined the health committee and attended every meeting.

Pánfila and Victor Urbina, Health Promoter in Nacascolo. (Photo by David Hallett)

“I always had an interest in health as a field. However, I did not have the opportunity to study a career in the university. When the chance to be trained as a Health Promoter Candidate came up I was excited and volunteered for it.

I have enjoyed learning so much in my training sessions. The biggest thing for me has been to learn how to do sutures. Socorro, an AMOS staff member, has been very patient teaching me. He showed me how I can practice on my own and encourages me to keep learning and practicing. He has also helped me learn how to take blood pressures, which still makes me a bit nervous because I am sometimes afraid to get it wrong. But practice makes perfect.”

Nacascolo Health Committee. (Photo by David Hallett)

“One day I was here at the community clinic with Victor, the current Health Promoter. Someone came with an injury on his hand. The patient had an accident when falling from a roof. I helped Victor with the sutures. It was good opportunity to practice and learn from him because he has done sutures many times. There was no need to refer the patient to a health center and he was very glad about that. And, a few days later, I also had the opportunity to observe how to remove the stitches. It was very exciting to put my knowledge into practice.

I am already seeing patients at the community clinic, but Victor is in the room with me, so he can give me feedback in this process and better care for the patients.”

Your continued support helps us train community health leaders like Pánfila and help them better serve their neighbors.

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