Volunteer with AMOS

“Volunteers play an important role at AMOS. It’s all about collaboration, sharing our strengths, and learning
from each other.”

~ Dr. Laura Parajón, AMOS Medical Director

Medical Teams Coordinator

UM-card-1_033115_0056edweb Medical teams serve to enhance our on-going programs in our Samaritan Clinic and in the rural communities we work alongside by providing medical support and specialized services like eye exams, ultrasounds, and trainings that focus on health education.

The Medical Teams Coordinator will work closely with these groups of medical professionals to plan and facilitate their trip in Nicaragua.

Download this PDF to learn more about becoming a Medical Teams Coordinator.

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Delegations Volunteer

volunteer delegations volu AMOS works year round with dozens of short-term team service trips coming to work alongside us in Nicaragua to reach a shared goal of bringing health and hope to all people. Our work is not possible without them, and we need volunteers like you to make these trips a success.

As a delegations volunteer you would become a part of our Delegations Team in coordinating and leading these groups into having a great overseas experience as they come work alongside us. You will spend time working in our Managua offices prepping for a trip, traveling to the communities to build relationships with community members and hearing what needs they have, and facilitating cross-cultural interactions to help form lasting relationships and positive change.

Download this PDF to learn more about becoming a Delegations Volunteer.

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Videographer Volunteer

videographer-volunteer-photo We are always excited to have videographers join us in Nicaragua to create videos that capture the essence of the on-going work we are doing with people living in rural and urban Nicaragua.

Videographers will work closely with our communications department to script videos that focus on our programs and present promotional needs. With our health care team and staff members you will travel into both the rural and urban communities we serve to capture needed footage.

Download this PDF for more information on volunteering as a Videographer.

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Urban & Rural Health Rotation

Intern-Ruralhealthrotationb The Urban & Rural Health Rotation allows medical and nursing students and medical professionals to come serve a rotation alongside AMOS doctors and nurses both in Managua clinics and in the rural communities of Nicaragua.

Your involvement in a rotation with AMOS will provide you with first hand experience working in urban and rural communities that lack of access to health care. In the clinic you will have the opportunity to shadow our current professionals, and in the rural communities we serve in you will be given the opportunity to participate in supportive supervision of our health promoters and health committees.

Download this PDF to learn more about the Urban & Rural Health Rotation.

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Intensive Rural Health Rotation

Intern - RHRMedical Students Year round, AMOS offers a four-week in-field Intensive Rural Health Rotation experience designed just for medical students, residents, and other students interested considering a career in global health. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn from our Rural Health Team first-hand about effective methodologies for improving health and reducing inequalities in rural Nicaraguan communities. This internship also allows students with a high-level of Spanish skills a chance to work alongside our supervision team and health promoters in community homes and clinics to develop and share a brief training module on a health topic that is of interest to community members.

Download this PDF to learn more about the Intensive Rural Health Rotation.

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Global Health Research Assistant

Intern - Research Assistantb Come serve as a research assistant on exciting development projects related to rural community health in Nicaragua! As an intern, you will either work in our offices in Managua or in rural partner communities to bring health and hope to people living in impoverished conditions.

This internship offers you high-level research experience and a better understanding of AMOS’ community-based primary health care approach to complement your graduate or upper-level undergraduate studies.

For More Information:

Download this PDF to learn more about our Global Health Research Assistant position in an URBAN setting.

Download this PDF to learn more about our Global Health Research Assistant position in an RURAL setting.

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