We believe the challenge of global health is this:

How can we, as health professionals, work towards a more just world, and authentically contribute to the well-being of poor and marginalized populations?

We need to pay attention to both the what and the how of global health education. 

Through our Global Health Practicum, AMOS aims to educate and empower a socially-conscious generation of public health professionals.

Vindhyaa Pasupuleti, 2019 AMOS Global Health Practicum student.

“Everyone, all the AMOS staff members, health educators, health workers, children from San Onofre, mothers and youth of Nejapa, truly embody the meaning of hope as a means of driving social change. These past weeks at AMOS have been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. You give me so much strength and hope for the future of public health!”