We want to share with you one of our stories of hope from the community of Tapasle. This story took place in 2020 and it is an example of how your support throughout the years has been invaluable in helping our Health Promoters offer health care to people in need. 

This week’s story of hope is about Aura, a Health Promoter trained in recent years.

Aura educates pregnant moms on signs of alarm during pregnancy.

Aura Rivera has been the Health Promoter of Tapasle for a few years now. When the previous Health Promoter had to resign due to health issues, she didn’t hesitate to step up and take on the challenge.

“A woman called Eligia came to the community clinic seeking help. She is 49 years old and had been sick with diarrhea and vomiting for two days. She lives in a nearby village and it took her two hours to get to the community clinic.”

“I examined her and took her vital signs. She wasn’t severely dehydrated, yet. I treated her with zinc tablets and had her drink oral rehydration fluids. I also counseled her on good personal and home hygiene practices, such as how to apply chlorine to the water or boil it before drinking or cooking. I gave her medicines for 14 days and asked her to complete the treatment, even if she felt better before”, Aura says.

Aura checked on Eligia by phone every couple of days and made sure she recovered completely.

“I am grateful to God and AMOS supporters.I feel happy to be able to help people in need. Without medicines or a trained health promoter in the community, things would be so different. Everyone in Tapasle is grateful for AMOS and its donors. I don’t know what we would do without your support”, says Aura.

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