Can you imagine living without clean drinking water?

That’s a reality for many families in rural communities in Nicaragua. That is why AMOS’ WASH program has helped many people gain access to safe water to improve their health and live better lives.

This week, we share with you a Story of Hope made possible by your support. Read below to learn how Sara’s life has changed thanks to her family’s water filter.

Sara using the water filter provided by your support.

Sara Velasquez lives in the community of Malacatoya 2, in the department of Boaco. She is 33 years old, and is the proud mom of a boy. She works everyday as the community teacher. Sara shared with us about what it has meant for her to have access to clean water:

“Before we had the water filter at home, we had no choice but to drink from the same water source that animals drank. We knew is was dirty and unsafe. Because of that my son used to suffer a lot of stomachaches and related illnesses. Now, our lives have changed! When we take water from the filter, the water is clean. My son doesn’t get ill anymore, we are healthier, and we are glad to know the water we drink is safe!

We give thanks to God and the whole AMOS family for supporting our community with water filters and for caring so much for our health.”

Thank you for helping people like Sara and her family have access to clean water and hygiene and sanitation education to prevent disease and improve their health.

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