A couple of weeks ago, our team visited the community of Tierra Blanca, in Boaco. And, even though this community is just a couple of hours away from Managua, its population lives in vulnerable conditions.

We give thanks to Yadira Sevilla, Health Promoter in Tierra Blanca, and to all the families who welcomed us into their homes with a smile.

One of these people was Sobeydin.

Sobeydin is 25 years old and has lived in the community of Tierra Blanca for most of her life. She has a nursing degree but hasn’t had the chance to work as a nurse. For a year, Sobeydin and her husband tried really hard to have a baby, but this wasn’t easy because she suffers from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. This is a condition that has affected her quality of life. 

Once she got pregnant, Sobeydin presented some issues. As months passed, she found out her belly was not growing as it should have. At the hospital, doctors recommended a C-section at 36 weeks.

Now, Sobeydin’s baby is more than one year old. However, he presents delays in development. His name is Diego, and at his age, he’s still struggling to walk and communicate verbally. Doctors have explained to Sobeydin that this might change with time, but Diego will require constant therapy to overcome these issues. 

Sobeydin thinks it’s a huge support to have a Health Promoter who is able to provide needed medicines, especially because she lives in the farthest sector of the community. 

She is also grateful that pregnant moms and children in the community have access to vitamins. This is only possible because of you!

It’s thanks to you that mothers like Sobeydin can have extra support and guidance during challenging times. Thank you for supporting our Community Health Volunteers and making sure the most vulnerable patients and families are not alone.

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