A few months ago, Sara was pregnant with her 8th child. She lives in a rural community close to Cumaica Norte, where AMOS serves. Being the mom of 7 children already, Sara had decided to give birth at home.

But, health authorities were concerned about her and her baby. Sara was 45 years old and if there was a complication it would take several hours to get her to a hospital, putting her and her baby’s lives at risk.

Unfortunately, Sara refused to talk to them and wouldn’t even let them in her house. So, health authorities called Catalino Jarquín, an AMOS-trained Health Promoter in the neighboring village of Cumaica Norte. They needed Catalino’s experience and wisdom.

And, even though Sara lived in another village, Catalino knew he had to find a way to help her. 

He walked more than 3 hours to reach her house. He talked to Sara and her husband, took her vitals signs, treated a sick child in the house and listened to them.

Sara’s husband did not want other men to see or touch his wife, and Sara was concerned about being away from home for weeks with strangers and missing her 7 children. 

Catalino knew the risks Sara and her baby faced. He knew if there was a complication during childbirth it would take many hours to get her a hospital. It could be a life-or-death situation.

Fortunately, Catalino was able to convince Sara and her husband that she needed to give birth at a health unit

The next day, an ambulance took Sara to the health center. A few days later, after giving birth to her baby boy, Sara had a hemorrhage and needed a blood transfusion. Postpartum hemorrhage is severe vaginal bleeding after childbirth. It’s a serious condition that can lead to death.

Weeks later, both mom and baby came back home…healthy and grateful. “Had I stayed at home to give birth, I would be dead”, said Sara. 

Catalino’s heart filled with joy when he visited Sara to check on her and her baby after they came back home. He found a humble house filled with love, laughter, noise, and life; a mom and her 8 children sharing with one another, cherishing the blessing of love. 

This family’s future could’ve been shattered with suffering and grief. But, Catalino was there for them.

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