You are bringing the world of books to Génesis and her daughter.

Do you have a favorite childhood story or book? You may remember The Very Hungry Caterpillar or The Cat in the Hat, or maybe you are more familiar with Harry Potter.

Books open the windows of our minds. But most kids in Nicaragua grow up with no books at home.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends daily reading to children ages six months and up. Reading helps kids develop language skills and form a bond with their parents.

Because of you, we now have a community library at AMOS to encourage parents to read to their kids.

You are bringing the world of books to Génesis Potosme, a mom who participates in our Early Childhood Development program, and her baby girl.

“We have never had a library within our community like this before. Many moms bring their children and make use of all the available books. Thanks to this service, my daughter has started to speak. Now, she can recognize colors and animals, and she can make animal noises. Thank you so much to the people who make this possible!”

Your generosity provides books in Spanish for very young children up through high school. Your compassion creates a world of wonder for kids in Nicaragua.

Thank you for opening the world to children in need through books. You are helping kids learn and grow in healthy ways!

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