Families living in the vulnerable communities you help us serve in Nicaragua face many challenges to meet their basic needs.

And yet, they are willing to help one another and share what little they have, even with people they’ve never met.

Your generosity is helping local leaders like Timotea, Health Promoter of Laguna de San Onofre, provide health care and save lives, even serving people who live beyond the outskirts of her community. 

“Recently, a pregnant woman from a neighboring community went into labor, and her relatives took her to my community clinic in San Onofre. I immediately tried to call an ambulance but unfortunately, I could not connect to the doctor at the health center. So I activated our community network and the transportation committee jumped into action.” said Timotea.

Imagine being at work, or resting at home, and getting a phone call from one of your community leaders about a stranger who needs help.

Imagine dropping what you’re doing and starting to gather materials to make a makeshift stretcher.

Imagine going outside to meet up with some of your neighbors, and running to the nearest clinic together, just to make sure a woman and her baby stay healthy and safe.

Timotea said, “The transportation committee carried the woman in a hammock to get her to the road where a vehicle would be waiting to take her to the hospital. And on the way to the hospital, the baby was born. I took care of both of them as best as I could. I had to perform resuscitation techniques to help the baby breathe, and thankfully, they both made it to the nearest hospital safe and sound.”

Your support is critical to help Timotea and health promoters from 23 rural communities continue to be trained to provide emergency care.

You can help them welcome strangers and offer life-saving care.

You can make hope happen for them.

Now through December 31st, a group of long-time AMOS supporters have offered to match your gift to double its impact, but if you start a monthly gift… your gift will be TRIPLED every month for an entire year to provide 3 times the help you give to those in need in Nicaragua!

Timotea adds, “There are many people from outside of the community who come to the clinic. I know they are in great need of health care, and I gladly provide it. It is a privilege to lend a helping hand and serve them. I am inspired to do this because they are our brothers and sisters, too, even if they don’t live in our community. For me, this work is also about loving our neighbor, serving God, and living according to God’s word.”

Your generosity is inspiring us all to be generous and kind to people in and outside of our communities, serving whoever needs help.

Please consider making a gift to help us continue serving people in need in 2020!

I believe that by working together, we can reach out to more people in need of hope in their lives!” says Timotea. And we agree. Thank you for your support and collaboration, and for all the ways you share love, health, and hope with our neighbors in Nicaragua.

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