You are helping us save lives in rural Nicaragua!

Aura Rivera is the Health Promoter in the rural community of Tapasle, Matagalpa (pictured left).

Recently, Aura shared with us the story of a child who needed urgent help.

I got an emergency call,” explained Aura. “They were asking me to go visit a three-year-old boy who had diarrhea and fever.”

“The child’s name is NeymarHe lives with his parents and two older siblings.

“They live an hour away from the community clinic. It’s a difficult path to walk, there are many ups and downs on the way to the house. The family grows corn and beans for a living.

“When I arrived to the house, they informed me Neymar had been sick for a day. After examining him, I gave him oral rehydration salts, acetaminophen, and zinc tablets for the diarrhea.”

“I visited the family during the next three days to check on Neymar’s progress,” continued Aura.

“Thanks to God, he got better after receiving the medicine. His parents were very worried about the situation. They had called the nearest health center and sadly, they were told there were no medicines to help their son at the moment. They didn’t have money to take Neymar or any of their children to a private clinic. I was their only hope to see their child recover and healthy again.”

Thanks to your support, AMOS provides essential medicines to 23 rural communities and trains Health Promoters, like Aura, to prevent, identify, and treat common illnesses in their own communities and help save lives.

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