Have you ever imagined your life without running water?

Without clean water?

This is the reality thousands of Nicaraguan families live every single day.

In rural communities, women and children often walk long distances to rivers, wells, and springs in order to collect water.

And the worst part is… the water they drink is not safe and often makes them sick.

This is a serious threat to health. But it’s one we can prevent.

That’s why your support towards AMOS’ Clean Water Program is so important.

You can help provide water filters for families in rural, remote communities, and educate them on how to take care of their filter, prevent water recontamination, and improve their sanitation and hygiene at home.

Teresa Zuniga, a mom living in the community of Rancho Pando, Chinandega, understands this challenge very well and appreciates having a water filter at home:

“My family is immensely grateful for the water filter we have at home. By drinking clean water, we are avoiding stomach illnesses, we can wash our food, and we have fewer parasites. Now, our house is cleaner and our family is healthier. Drinking clean water does save lives! We are so grateful for this huge blessing.”

There are thousands of moms like Teresa, who need your support to make sure their children drink clean water.

You can quench their thirst and restore their health.

You can make hope happen for them.

Now through December 31st, a group of long-time AMOS supporters have offered to match your gift to double its impact, but if you start a monthly gift… your gift will be TRIPLED every month for an entire year to provide 3 times the help you give to those in need in Nicaragua!

“Water filters are improving the health of children and everyone in Rancho Pando. Our hope is that every family can have access to a water filter and clean water because water is life and a gift from God so that we can grow healthy. We are grateful for the people who make this possible, as we know their generosity and compassion stream from God’s love!

– Jose Carazo, another member from the community of Rancho Pando.

Your generous gift today can make hope happen by helping families in rural areas drink clean water and prevent disease, and training local leaders to care for the sick who otherwise would not have access to health care.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to multiply the impact of your help for children and families in Nicaragua.

Thank you for your kindness and compassion towards our brothers and sisters in need. In the face of despair, you are helping them hold on to hope.


  1. 1
    Ralph Ponfick on January 19, 2020

    For a few years now we have been distributing water filters to the villages around Somoto, Nicaragua, through ERSLA, a local non-profit. With the unrest in the country, they have been forced to curtail their program. We are Lutheran church affiliated, and have those who would like to continue donating to water filters.
    Could you provide a little more information on your program and maybe we can coordinate projects. You can look at our website and click on the water filters.

    1. 2
      Marissa Alaniz on January 20, 2020

      Absolutely! Our water filter program is going strong, and we would love to give you more information about how you can support it! We will connect with you via email. – Marissa

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