Yedri was going into labor. She thought she had a couple more weeks, but she was having her baby now.

Yedri lives with her husband in the community of La Pimienta. At the time, there was no health promoter specifically serving her community. Her husband sent for Silvina Lainez, health promoter in the neighboring community of El Calderón.

In the photo, Silvina Lainez, Health Promoter of El Calderón, in Chinandega.

When Silvina heard what was happening, she immediately called the nearest health center for an ambulance. But there weren’t any available, and to make things worse, no one could get out of the community because the river was overflowing. So with the help of a midwife, Yedri gave birth to her baby girl at home.

Silvina knew that even though Yedri had already given birth, it was still important to get her to a health center in case any complications arose with her or her baby.

Silvina told us,

“When I examined Yedri and her baby girl, I realized both of them needed to get to the health center inmediately. Yedri had a lot of pain in her abdomen and I remembered from my trainings with AMOS that it was a sign of danger after giving birth.

“I suspected her placenta had not come out completely, which can be a very serious complication. I also noticed the baby girl was having trouble breathing, so I performed a technique to try to help her breathe better.”

Yedri’s husband did not want them to go to the health center. He was very firm about it. He wanted them to stay home. But because Silvina knew their lives were at risk, she encouraged them to go.

Yedri and her baby were at the hospital for 8 days. She had a retained placenta, which could have led to a fatal hemorrhage. And her baby had fluid in her lungs and needed special care too.

Silvina thanks you for helping her save lives!

“I am so grateful for my trainings with AMOS, where I learned aboutthe signs of danger in postpartum mothers and newborn babies. Thanks to you, I was able to help Yedri and her baby girl, and now, both of them are back in La Pimienta, happy and healthy.”

Thank you for helping train local leaders in Nicaragua on health protocols that save lives! You give so much hope to thousands of families, and we are all grateful!


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    Debra Louden on March 25, 2020

    It is so good to hear of wonderful news from La Pimienta, a town I visited in 2000 to help rebuild after hurricane Mitch. Amos does amazing work in all of the villages!

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