As parents, we do everything we can to make sure our children can grow up healthy and strong. And when they grow older and begin leading their own lives, we continue to care for them, often putting their needs ahead of our own.

Caring so deeply for our children can take a toll on us, too. And in those moments, we are reminded of the importance of first caring for our own physical and mental health in order to better care for the people around us. This is Sugey’s story.

Sugey during a check-up at the Samaritan Clinic.

Queridos amigos (Dear friends), 

Eight months ago, an ultrasound from the AMOS Samaritan Clinic showed I had kidney stones. 

I’m a mother of three, ages 20, 19, and 14 years old, and even though my kids aren’t exactly children anymore, I still love and care for them. I was scared to think about getting sick to the point where I couldn’t be there for them anymore. 

So after my diagnosis, I improved my eating habits, changed my lifestyle, and followed my doctor’s treatment plan. And a few weeks ago, I received the good news that I had succeeded in expelling the stones from one of my kidneys. My kids and I were so happy!

At the Samaritan Clinic, the doctors are friendly, and most times, I receive medicines for free, which is such a blessing. Paying for consultations and medical treatment would be very difficult for me.

I know all this help is possible thanks to God, who touches the hearts of generous people like you to help families with limited resources like mine. We may not have much, but I give thanks to God for my family.

Gracias por su apoyo – thank you for your support,

Sugey from Nejapa

A mother’s love transcends space and time. Thank you for giving the gift of health and hope to mothers like Sugey, who do not have the resources to afford medical treatment on their own. You are caring for her so she can continue to care for her loved ones!


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    Mr and Mrs Brian L Dowdy on May 6, 2021

    We live in the United States and even though my wife and I are retired and have a fixed income we try to support Christian ministries such as Amos when we can. I enjoyed reading your story and thank God you have a clinic and medicines to help you improve your health and that you were able to receive relief from your kidney stones. May God continue to bless Amos ministries as well as you and your family.

    Happy Mother’s Day

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