Luis Antonio Tercero Gómez is the new Health Promoter of La Pimienta, a rural, remote community in Chinandega. He has lived all his life in his community and he has always been aware of the changes there. That is why he felt motivated to serve the people he has shared his life with.

After the previous Health Promoter stepped down because she migrated to a different country, Luis was asked to consider becoming a Health Promoter. He decided to take on the challenge as a candidate, and his community elected him. 

La Pimienta is located in a dry area of Nicaragua, where the constant heat and sun accompany all the farm workers who start their workdays at 5 am to return home a few hours after noon.

Luis, Health Promoter in La Pimienta community.

Luis’ greatest motivation to serve his community came from a personal experience. Years ago, one of his nephews died 6 months after birth. According to Luis, the child began to swell, his health worsened but they could not access a medical diagnosis due to the socioeconomic conditions of his family. 

This story, which he lived, is not an isolated fact, as many families have also gone through similar cases. In addition to all the economic difficulties they face in the community, being surrounded by two rivers makes life harder during the rainy season because sometimes these rivers overflow, making it almost impossible to get to or out of the community in an emergency.

That is why your support is so critical. You are helping us train Luis to prevent and treat disease, know what to do in emergencies, and prevent deaths of moms, babies, and those most vulnerable.

Thank you for positively impacting thousands of lives in Nicaragua. Without your help, people like Luis would not have opportunities to cope with grief, transform it into motivation to serve others, and help to save lives. Thank you, for supporting committed leaders like Luis!

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