Jen was alone at home that day. Her husband woke up early to go work on the fields. Even though she was 34-weeks pregnant, she was still having nausea, and decided to lay on bed for a while.

But…she woke up to pain in her belly and lower back. Soon it had spread to all her midsection, like a belt of pain. And then, she knew.

She remembered Norlan Flores an AMOS trained Health Promoter – had taught her about signs of alarm during pregnancy, and this pain was one of them.

Suddenly, Jen was filled with fear. In this world we all have had our share of suffering and loss. For Jen, this was no exception. As a teenager, she had lost her baby at 7-months pregnant; something that left a scar on her heart. Now, at 22 years old she feared not seeing her baby live.

Jen loved her baby dearly. She and her husband were happy to be parents. She attended her prenatal check-ups, took prenatal vitamins, and followed Norlan’s guidance on good nutrition. She was going to go to the hospital to give birth, just as Norlan had advised her, but it wasn’t time yet. She rushed to get her phone, called a relative, and urged them to tell Norlan right away.

Jen lives in a remote part of San Jose de la Mula, more than an hour away from the main dirt road, the only way in and out of the community. While on the phone, Norlan knew that Jen would need to go a hospital and asked Jen’s husband to help her come to her mother’s place.

Norlan Flores, AMOS-trained Health Promoter in San Jose de la Mula Community Clinic.

Norlan immediately called local health authorities to ask for an ambulance, but none were available. When Norlan arrived to see Jen it was already late at night. He stayed to monitor Jens vitals and made sure she was ready to leave before dawn on a transport.

When Jen got to the hospital the staff were waiting for her; Norlan had updated them about her situation via phone. Jen was at high risk of preterm birth; she was treated and stayed there for three days. Once stabilized, she was transferred to a nearby center for pregnant moms and on bedrest until she gave birth to her baby girl a few weeks later.

Having a trained first responder in this community has brought hope in more than one way: “Without Norlan here, I’m not sure what would have happened to me and my baby”, says Jen as she lovingly holds her daughter with a grateful heart.

After their return to the community, Norlan has visited them to check on both, teach Jen about signs of alarm in newborns, and share with her about the benefits of breastfeeding. 

We wish you could see the joy on Jen’s face as she sweetly talks to her baby. Their lives are changed forever because of the support people like you have provided to Norlan.

Norlan “is there” in more than one way for over 250 families living in San Jose de la Mula. Together with health committee members, he offers these families access to health care, health education and needed medicines for free.

The service of Health Promoters like Norlan takes place all year round, on holidays, weekends, day or night, through rain or blazing sun, walking through rough paths, climbing hills and crossing rivers. Health Promoters offer up their lives every single day out of love for their communities.

Your gift before Dec 31st can be matched to have twice the impact. We need your support to help community health leaders have the training and supplies they need to care for vulnerable patients and help save lives.

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