Gabriela Cortez is 27 years old, and serves her community as a Volunteer Mother.

Gabriela explains: “I have lived in the area of Nejapa all my life. Three years ago, I moved to a sector in Nejapa called Villa Ferrufino. There, I live alone with my husband and children.”

Villa Ferrufino is a new sector in Nejapa where families live in difficult conditions. One of the main issues of the area is that it is not connected to the public water service. This means, families don’t have access to clean water at home. And, this is the sector where Gabriela holds her “Parenting with Love” sessions with other moms who, like her, live in vulnerable conditions. 

“I’m grateful for all the things you have done for me,says Gabriela. “There is so much I have learned with you and with the program. A few weeks ago, when my youngest daughter was hospitalized, I received so much love and support from AMOS and other Volunteer Mothers.” 

Recently, Gabriela’s 3 year-old daughter was hospitalized for a period of 13 days. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and required tracheal intubation. Now, thanks to God, the little girl is healthy and at home with her family. 

When we interviewed Gabriela, she was 9 months pregnants and really close to her due date. 

Recently, we had the opportunity to see Gabriela at the Samaritan Clinic with her newborn baby, Ruth Catalina. Baby Ruth was born strong and healthy, which is a blessing for Gabriela’s family.  

Volunteer Mothers in Nejapa work together and support each other, no matter what. This was praised by Gabriela, who shared with us that during the time her daughter was at the hospital, six Volunteer Mothers visited her other children at home and brought them food. (See below a picture of two Volunteers Mothers on their way to the visit.)

Your love and support is reaching the families in Nejapa through the Parenting with Love program, where mothers are creating strong bonds and connections with each other.

Many moms like Gabriella have shared how grateful they are that this community of mothers has been created, and they are thankful for the support and understanding they have found there.

Thank you for making this possible for them!

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