Thanks to the support of our wonderful donors, AMOS offers low-cost dental health services 3 days a week at the Samaritan Clinic located in Nejapa. This program seeks to help people who do not have the financial resources to care for their dental health. But, besides offering treatments, we also aim to prevent dental problems. That is why we are carrying out talks on dental hygiene with children and patients in Villa Guadalupe and Nejapa, the two communities we serve in Managua.

Read below how your support allows us to continue serving families and giving them access to low-cost dental services, through 2 testimonials we heard a few weeks ago.

Jose, from Villa El Carmen:

You helped Jose access dental care at the Samaritan Clinic.

Jose is 39 years old and lives in Villa El Carmen, 23 miles away from Nejapa. It takes him about an hour to get to our campus. He learned about the dental services at the Samaritan Clinic through a friend. He was in pain and was looking for a place to get care. On the day of the photo above, he came for an extraction.

Patients like Jose struggle to find dental care services at a low cost. For him, this dental clinic is an incredible blessing, bringing relief and hope.

Thank you for helping our dentist care for José.

Carolina and her 7-year-old, Gabriel, live in Nejapa. She shared with us:

Our family has come to the Samaritan Clinic for many years. I noticed that the color of my son’s teeth were changing and it was very visible. I looked for help here and called to try to get information.The dentist here gave us all the information, the diagnosis, and what needed to be done. I liked the way he explained things to us, he was clear and transparent and offered us the alternatives for the treatment. We are coming every two months to get flour application treatments for my son and we are seeing changes. 

The prices here are affordable, they are lower than in other places; the dentist is competent. He also explains what we need to do at home to help him get better.

You are helping Carolina and Gabriel smile!

I also come here to get my cleaning. We make efforts to implement good dental hygiene, as recommended by the dentist.

I am very happy with this clinic. It is close, it is accessible. I also like the space here at the Clinic. The waiting area is really nice, the dentist office is clean, and it looks very well-equipped. I see the dentist is careful about the instruments and having them sterilized. 

To donors, I want to thank you because you are doing an amazing thing. You may not see the work every day, but please know you are doing a great thing for many, many people, people who do not have the resources to go to an expensive clinic, and people who need to learn about dental care hygiene and prevention of dental problems. I hope as donors you feel happy and rewarded, because thanks to you, people like my son can have the treatments they need. Thank you so much!”

Children during Dental talks in Nejapa.

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