You help us share health and hope with vulnerable families living in the neighborhood of Villa Guadalupe!

The Villa Guadalupe Clinic has been serving families in this impoverished area for many years now. And, the staff at the clinic has built strong connections and developed a special love for their patients. 

We recently interviewed Dr. Liliam Guerrero, general practitioner of the clinic.

We are open and keep working despite the pandemic. Thanks to God our staff hasn’t had any major health complications.” 

 -Dr. Liliam Guerrero, general practitioner at the Villa Guadalupe Clinic.

What do you like most about your job?

Dr. Liliam: “What I like most about my job is being able to serve and help the population, community service, and helping others. This clinic serves vulnerable people, a population with limited economic resources, a population with limited access to education. So, what I love the most – because I don’t just like it, I love my job – is being able to help people, educate them, being able to treat common diseases (that are sometimes common but the patient comes quite sick after going to other places) and manage to find an answer to their illnesses, mainly because we have the treatment.”

Another thing that I like is that we have high acceptance from the population, the majority of our patients like the care at the Clinic. One of the limitations that we have had or that has been a challenge for us is to educate the population, making the patients understand that they have to wait, that they have to be a little more polite sometimes, that children have to come clean, bathed, and fed, because sometimes they have to stay longer than expected.”

What are your expectations and goals for 2022?

Dr. Liliam: “We are very grateful to remain in operations this year. Our expectation is to continue working and serving, and manage to offer our services to a greater number of patients suffering chronic illnesses and respiratory problems, which have increased significantly in the last month. Another of our expectations is to be able to meet the needs of our patients, help with common diseases, complete each of the proposed goals regarding medical consultations. We have goals of how many patients we esteem to see per month and we have been achieving that. We want to continue to excel in meeting these goals.”

“We expect this year to be a year with more blessings, with more donors, so that we can continue to care for our patients while protecting the staff at the clinic. Thanks to the COVID prevention measures in place here, we have not gotten sick and we trust in God that we will continue to be healthy amid this pandemic.”

Because of you and your kind heart, families in Villa Guadalupe have access to healthcare and needed medicines. Even though this neighborhood is in the capital of the country, the needs of its population are immense. Thank you for helping us bring hope and healing to them!

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