José Gabriel, an 88-years old patient in Nejapa, had 7 children with his wife. Sadly, she passed away three years ago. He enjoys reading the Bible and other books while sitting in his wheelchair at the entrance of his house.

José Gabriel has lived in a sector of Nejapa near the Samaritan Clinic for 43 years. This Clinic and the Urban Health Educator who visits him regularly, Marria Rayo, have helped him with different health needs throughout the years.

He has prostate problems that force him to wear a permanent catheter, has suffered hypertension for many years, as well as pain and knee inflammation. Maria Rayo, one of our Urban Health Educators, visits him regularly to check on his blood pressure.

José Gabriel with Maria Rayo, AMOS-trained Urban Health Educator. Photo by David Hallett.

Thanks to AMOS’s supportersJosé Gabriel received the wheelchair he uses and has been getting injections in his joints through medical teams who come to serve to Nicaragua alongside AMOS. These injections have relieved his pain for months. This is something he has not been able to access in any other way

“AMOS has always been there, following up on his illnesses, helping with the medication, and sincerely we have no complaints”, José Gabriel’s son told us. This family is grateful for every time they receive a visit from a mission team, an Urban Health Educator, or members from the AMOS team. Those visits fill them with relief, affection and hope that they can count on other people to face their problems and help with José Gabriel’s health.

Your support to AMOS helps us care for vulnerable people like Jose Gabriel all year round.

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