Jeilin Téllez is the new health promoter of Banco de Siquia, in the South Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. And your support is helping her change lives!

Jeilin is 23 years old, the youngest member of her community’s Health Committee and also the first woman to become a Health Promoter in that region. Despite her young age, Jeilin has been serving her community since she was a teenager. She was part of a youth care group for two years and later on she was in trainings with volunteer moms learning about prenatal health, breastfeeding and newborn care.
Jeilin started working as a health promoter last year and participated in our last health promoter training week in October 2023. Jeilin was a Health Promoter Candidate for three years together with another health volunteer, before being elected as the New Health Promoter of Banco de Siquia by her community during an assembly last year.

Jeilin during a training on emergency response for children under 5 years old.

“I feel good in my role because there has been good participation from the health committee, volunteer mothers and other people from the community; all mothers have attended the weighing sessions for the children.” Jeilin told us. 

After sharing time with her and seeing how she cares for patients with chronic illnesses, we rejoice in her commitment and love for her community. Jeilin is also grateful for the people who support her work to improve the health of their neighbors in Banco de Siquia. 

“What moves me as a Health Promoter is to see the improvement in the community, to see how we are moving forward, to see mothers and children getting better, and to take care of the patients as they should be taken care of.”

Jeilin and the health committee at the community clinic.

“There are things I don’t know yet but I am ready to keep learning. I’m glad that you continue supporting us and helping our community. I thank you for being our guides.”
~ Jeilin, Health Promoter in Banco de Siquia.

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