“My name is Isabel Toruño Sequeira and I have been a technician in the Sexual and Reproductive Health Program for the past year. I was attracted to AMOS because of its focus on teaching and the possibility of sharing my knowledge, that is why I left my previous job focused on primary health care. After 8 years in my previous role I felt that I needed to explore new horizons. 

My driving force to become a nurse was my experience of becoming a mother at a young age. At 17 years old, I knew nothing about sexual health because I was never told about it at home. I have always felt a desire to help others, and nursing seemed like the ideal career to channel that desire.

Currently, my specialization in obstetrics and perinatology gives me the necessary tools to guide and promote healthy habits, especially in the area of sexual and reproductive health, a topic that is often neglected in the education of our youth.

My goal is to prevent adolescent pregnancies and promote safe maternity to prevent maternal deaths, while educating young people about sexually-transmitted diseases and family planning methods.

Working in rural communities, where there are many taboos on health issues, has allowed me to recognize the privilege I have to have had access to education and training. My aim is to use my knowledge to make a difference and make a connection with people by providing guidance and support, by being able to make meaningful connections with people of all ages, and to effectively communicate important information and break down cultural and social barriers on health issues.”

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