In May, we celebrate everything moms do in order to make this world a better place for all of us. 

Your gifts are helping thousands of moms and their families in Nicaragua have access to health care, education, and the support they need to thrive.

We want to introduce you to some of the amazing women you support. They have so much passion for community service and helping others! Besides being full-time moms, they volunteer as Health Educators in Nejapa and Health Promoters in rural communities.

Mayquening Ramos, AMOS Health Educator, Nejapa

Mayquening has a daughter called Sabrina, who will be 3 years old in June. Recently, Mayquening shared with us:

“I live with my granny and my aunt Glenis. My grandma takes care of my daughter when I need to run an errand and I can’t take her with me.”

“I really like community work and that has motivated me to support patients as much as I can.”

“As a mom, I really like spending time with my daughter and playing with her. She tells me she is a happy girl. I see her, and notice that she has developed more by participating with me in community activities. She is not shy at all; she is very active and interacts well in spaces with many people.”

Silvia Nohemí Mejía, Health Promoter in La Pimienta, Chinandega

Silvia Nohemí recently became Health Promoter in the rural community of La Pimienta, Chinandega. She shared with us:

“When I have to be at the community clinic, I get up early, I do the housework. I take a bath and get ready, and if necessary, I take my daughters with me. My parents also help me take care of my girls most of the time. When I have to do home visits, the girls stay home with my mom. Overall, I have a lot of support from my family, and that has allowed me to have the time to attend to the needs of my community.”

“I became a mom at a very young age. I have two daughters: Natalie (7 years old) and Nazareth (3 years old). I didn’t know what it meant to have a child. After I had my babies, I understood better what is maternal love. It is a mixture of pain but it is also a great love. I am happy to live all the moments with my kids, to see them grow. As a mom, you work a lot, and you don’t rest like you used to. You cry, you suffer, but it is a very beautiful experience. When you have children, you are amazed at how fast they grow. My girls look a lot like their dad, and they will be taller than me.”

Glenis Ramos, AMOS Health Educator, Nejapa

In the photo, Glenis is standing in the middle, wearing an AMOS t-shirt.

Glenis has been a Health Educator in Nejapa for the last 2 years. She shared with us about her experience balancing community service and her role as a mom: 

“I have an 8-year-old girl. I am motivated to serve my community. I like to spend time with AMOS staff and with the children, mothers, elders, and all the people we serve in the community. I like to hear about the positive changes they have had. That motivates me even more, and makes me want to continue serving.”

“As a mother, I love being able to support other mothers, whether pregnant or with young children. I love hearing their experiences when they went into labor, how they are raising their children, to see their love and will to learn, participate, and pay attention to the educational talks.”

Community work requires passion, dedication, and commitment. We are happy to see the love these three women have for their communities, and the time they kindly donate to serve others.

Thank you, for helping Mayquening, Silvia, and Glenis to serve their communities!

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