In the photo, Aura Rivera, Health promoter of Tapasle, checking the blood pressure of one of AMOS’ supervisors.

Aura Rivera is the health promoter of the rural, remote community of Tapasle, in the mountains of Matagalpa. Before becoming a health promoter two years ago, Aura had been serving her community as a member of the health committee for several years.

A couple of months ago, a 49-year-old woman named Eligia came to the community clinic in Tapasle after being sick with diarrhea and vomiting for two days. Eligia lives in a nearby village and it took her 2 hours to get to the community clinic, but she knew Aura would be there.

“She told me she was feeling very sick and needed help. I examined her and took her vital signs,” Aura said. “She wasn’t severely dehydrated yet. So, I treated her with zinc tablets and had her drink oral rehydration fluids.

“I also counseled her on good personal and home hygiene practices, such as how to boil water before drinking it or cooking with it,Aura explained. “I gave her a 14-day course of medicines and advised her to be sure to complete the full treatment, even if she felt better before the end.”

Aura checked on Eligia by phone every couple of days and made sure she recovered completely. Even though Eligia lives in another community, Aura was planning on visiting her to follow up on her health if she didn’t get better soon.

“I am grateful to God and to AMOS supporters like you,” Aura shared. “I feel happy to be able to help people in need.

Also, Aura added: “We don’t know what we would do without your support. Without medicines or a trained health promoter in the community, things would be so different. Everyone in Tapasle is so grateful to you.” 

For vulnerable families like Eligia’s, having access to health care and medications without having to travel far amidst the current pandemic is a true blessing.

Thank you for making this possible!

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