Martha used to live in a sector far away from the community clinic in El Calderón, before she moved closer this year. She did not know about all the services offered there by Silvina Lainez, a long-time Health Promoter trained by AMOS.

A few months ago, Martha’s daughters, who are 3 and 4 years old, got sick with diarrhea. Martha took them to a health unit, where they only had deworming pills and oral rehydration salts for available for them. But the two girls were still sick; they had fevers and stools with blood in them.

Martha was so worried, and felt hopeless. A neighbor suggested she take the girls to the community clinic to be seen by Silvina.

“Martha brought her two girls to me and explained what had happened. She was worried about their weight, too. She had no idea that I would be able to help them with their cases of diarrhea, but I promised her I would take care of them.

Thanks to the medicines you provide to the community clinic, I gave them furazolidone, zinc sulfate, and oral rehydration salts. After their first doses, we already saw the medicine making a difference. Martha was so relieved!

“In the days that followed, while the girls were still taking their treatment, I went to see them at home to check on them. Later on, Martha brought them to our monthly weighing session, and we verified that they had completely recovered and were at healthy weights!

Martha feels so happy and grateful for the health of her daughters, and she is thrilled that her two girls are also able to receive regular nutritional supplements thanks to generous people like you!

Thank you for helping us do this life-changing work!

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