Susana is 50 years old. She lives in the community of Nejapa, where AMOS is located. For many years, Susana has been coming to the Samaritan Clinic to alleviate the pain in her hands caused by arthritis.

Neighbors recommended this Clinic to me, and I have been coming here for a long time. From my very first time here, I noticed the doctors were very nice, and the medical care has always been good. I get most of my medical treatment here, and that is a huge thing for me.

I am so grateful for this Clinic. Otherwise, I would have to get private care, and that is simply out of my reach. This Clinic is very accessible to a lot of people living nearby.”

One day, Susana came to the Samaritan Clinic for a medical appointment, and she was invited to take advantage of our dental services here.

“I was surprised to hear the dentist would see me free of charge.”

In Nicaragua, dental services are offered mostly in private clinics, and they are not easily affordable for low-income families.

“I have been having some issues with my teeth, and I felt so blessed for the opportunity to go to the dentist. The doctor was kind, and she told me there are some treatments I will need to undertake. I am planning on coming back again.”

Thank you for helping people like Susana smile and ensuring they have access to the dental and medical care they need and deserve! Your ongoing support gives hope to thousands of vulnerable patients across Nicaragua.

“I hope AMOS supporters can continue helping us. There are so many people like me who need quality health care but do not have the means to go to a private clinic. Thank you for your generous support!”

– Susana from Nejapa

Because of you, the Samaritan Clinic is able to offer dental care services for families in Nejapa and other nearby areas who wouldn’t be able to access these services otherwise.

Thank you for helping us provide dental care to families in need! You help so many people smile!

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