Recently, Yahaira visited the Samaritan Clinic in Nejapa because her daughter has cavities. She is the mother of two children, a girl of nine and a boy of four years old. 

Yahaira has visited the clinic before whenever her kids have been sick. For her, the Samaritan Clinic is the best option because it is close to home and offers an affordable service. 

“We moved to Nejapa two years ago,” shares Yaharia. “A friend told me about the Samaritan Clinic. I remember one time my little boy was very sick. He was throwing up a lot. I brought him to the clinic, one of the doctors saw him and we received the right medicine for free. Soon after that, he started getting better.”

“I have brought my daughter to the clinic only a few times, she does not get sick often,” adds Yahaira. “Today, we came to the dental clinic because she has multiple cavities. She has been having these issues since she was younger.”

“A while ago, I took her to a clinic in San Judas (a neighborhood in Managua), where the doctors extracted one of her molars. However, it wasn’t a good experience for her, the doctor was very inpatient and treated her rudely.”

“Because of that bad experience in another clinic, my daughter was scared to come to the AMOS clinic today. She thought it would be a bad experience all over again.”

Meet Dr. Maria Jose Medal, the new dentist at the Samaritan Clinic!

She is 33 years old and she started working at the clinic a couple of months ago. Patients love her and are grateful for her kind service.

Welcome, Dr. Medal!

“I’m grateful to Dr. Medal for being so patient and kind to my daughter,” said Yahaira. “She took the time to explain every single step to her so she would feel more confident and calm.”

“I want to thank all the people who support the Samaritan Clinic. The service at the clinic is of good quality. The staff is always kind and do their work with love. Thank you for the medicine that you share with us, especially because most of the time we don’t have the economic means to buy the medication. Thank you for being here for us!”

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