Meet Isaura, a mom from Nejapa. She has two boys, Kelly and Brandon, and a little girl, Maywalina.

Most of the time, Isaura takes care of the house while her husband works to provide for their family. Kelly and Brandon go to school and sometimes help their mom with errands.

But Maywalina is only four years old, and she can’t play with her brothers because she is too little. Because of this, she was shy and didn’t interact with other kids very much.

One afternoon, AMOS Program Coordinator Yanira invited Isaura to bring Maywalina to our Early Childhood Development program. 

Isaura did not know much about the program, but accepted the invitation and brought Maywalina to a meeting to give it a try!

Isaura told us, 

“It used to be really difficult for Maywalina to interact with other kids. But little by little, she has improved her social skills. Now, she plays and communicates with other kids in the group. She even says hi and introduces herself to the adults!” 

Maywalina’s favorite thing about the ECD group meeting is the monthly birthday celebrations because she loves piñatas!

Today, Maywalina is a curious girl who likes to draw and look at the illustrations in her children’s books. Your generosity to AMOS helps kids like Maywalina get prepared for their futures!

Her mom Isaura wants to thank you for helping her to develop her social skills and communication abilities:

“Maywalina will start preschool in February, and she is very excited about it. I’m confident that she will do well. Thanks to the ECD program, this will not be a big change for her. She has been in a similar environment during the last few months at AMOS, and that makes my husband and me so relieved!”

Thanks to people like you, moms like Isaura have a safe space for their children, where kids can interact, play, and start to learn about colors, shapes, communication, and hygiene. These are tools that will help them to integrate more easily at preschool and succeed later in life!

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