We have great news to share with you!

At the beginning of this month, we received a mission team from the American Baptist Churches (ABC) of New York. Two years ago, our ABC friends traveled all the way to Nicaragua to build and install a cyberbox in Nejapa.

This cyberbox has brought several opportunities for the community of Nejapa. We have shared stories with you in previous emails about the different groups that meet in the cyberbox and use the computers and library.

The positive impact of this project in the community of Nejapa motivated the members of the ABC team to replicate it in one of our rural communities.

Last year, some members of the team traveled to San Onofre, Boaco, in a scouting trip, to evaluate the possibilities of building a cyberbox in this community.

After a year of hard work, preparations, and prayers, the ABC mission team arrived safely to Nicaragua once again at the beginning of February. 

And, in just a week, they managed to build the room, install the computers, install and connect the solar panels, and inaugurate the place together with the community. 

At AMOS, we can’t thank you enough for everything you do in support of our mission. Thank you for working alongside us to provide equality, respect, peace, and justice to the rural communities we serve with. And, thank you for helping us serve those most in need.

When we asked one of the ABC team members what keeps them coming back on mission trips, he answered:

“The adventure of entrusting oneself to the care of others at AMOS, or in the communities, and feeling safe while doing it. The adventure of experiencing different cultures, language, ways of living. The sharing of each other with people who may be different, then discovering we have much more in common than separates us. The sense that we must find commonality as a species if we are to survive the challenges the world faces for the future.”

Thank you so much for the hope you bring to communities like San Onofre all year round.

We are so grateful you are part of this ministry!

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