Your generosity ensures that simple yet effective treatments are reaching people in rural villages where they are needed most.

A few months ago in the community of San Onofre, six-month-old Fernando and his mom, María, attended a weighing session led by Timotea Romero, the Health Promoter there.

The next day, when Timotea saw María walking down the road with a panicked look on her face, she asked her what was wrong.

“She told me her baby had diarrhea with blood in it,” said Timotea. “So I asked her to come with me to the community clinic.”

Timotea knew that diarrhea could lead to death. “In our communities, babies can die of dehydration, due to a lack of education or a lack of resources. The day a child dies of an illness in my community… My God, please, I hope that this will never happen.”

Because of your support, AMOS has trained Timotea to recognize and treat common illnesses, like diarrhea in children, and had a stock of essential medications at her community clinic. Through her training, she also knew to use her protocol manual to figure out the correct dosage for Fernando.

A few days later, Timotea visited María and her baby in their home to follow up. She saw that the baby had recovered. “María was overjoyed,” said Timotea. “She told me that the medicines I gave her saved her baby’s life, and that she will always bring him to the community clinic if he gets sick again.”

You made this possible, and Timotea thanks you for your support! “While we are in our communities, you ensure we can continue to save lives by taking care of sick children with preventable illnesses.

“It is a blessing to be able to count on the people who support AMOS.”

Like Timotea, we are so grateful for you. You allow us to continue to work alongside our health promoters as they save lives and improve health. You help us build a world where no child dies from a preventable cause.

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