MacGregor delegation member, observes Isaac treating the wounded man.

During the visit of a mission team that came to install a solar panel system in the El Socorro community clinic, a man named Wilmer arrived with a serious hand injury from an accident while cutting a tree. 

Wilmer, like many people in the community, works as an assistant laborer and was helping to cut the branch when it fell. The rope around the tree cut through his finger and the branch landed on his hand.

Wilmer tried to go to the nearest health unit but it was closed at the time. Fortunately, your steady support to local leaders like Isaac Fley, Health Promoter in the community, made all the difference.

Isaac was alerted by cell phone and another community member brought Wilmer on his motorcycle to El Socorro. This took about an hour. 

Isaac was ready with first aid and suture materials to help Wilmer and most likely save him from losing a finger. Thanks to you, we are able to equip this community clinic with medicines and supplies as well as strengthen Isaac’s skills so he can provide care right in his own community, or if a patient needs more than he can offer, support the patient’s referral to the health center.

From left to right: Wilmer, an injured patient, and Isaac Fley, Health Promoter in El Socorro.

Lindsay Mills, team leader of the mission team, reflected that evening during the daily devotional, saying, “watching Isaac today take care of that man with the bad cut, I was reminded that this is the reason we are here.”

This is the way AMOS works to serve the most vulnerable population and bring heath and hope to all. Thank you for making this possible!

Isaac Fley, Health Promoter trained by AMOS, preparing to hold a weighing session for children.

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