A couple of months ago, in the remote community of Fila Grande in Matagalpa, Kenia’s 18-month-old son, Jairo, got sick.

Kenia, who also has an older daughter, is a single mom. She lives in poverty, but she feels blessed to have some support from her parents. Kenia was extremely worried about Jairo. 

But she remembered that during her pregnancy, Petronilo Gaitan, the AMOS-trained Health Promoter in her community, had cared so well for her and her baby. He visited them many times to share information about healthy pregnancies, and he made sure she knew about the importance of giving birth safely at a health unit. So she had hope that he would be able to help them.

Kenia hurried to take baby Jairo to the community clinic, where Petronilo examined him. “He had a high fever, he was wheezing, and his respiratory frequency was above normal. I could hear that distinct noise in the child’s lungs,” said Petronilo.

From his trainings with AMOS, Petronilo knew these symptoms meant that baby Jairo was suffering from pneumonia. Thankfully, his condition was still mild enough that Petronilo could treat him right then in their community. Thanks to the medicines you help provide to rural community clinics, Petronilo was able to treat Jairo. 

“I gave him amoxicillin, acetaminophen, and salbutamol to help him breathe better.”

Petronilo administered the first dose right away, and Kenia was incredibly grateful that she had access to receive the full course of treatment for her son – for free!

That same day, Petronilo followed up on Jairo to check on his condition, and he visited Kenia and Jairo in their home in the days that followed.

“Thanks to God and the generosity of people like you, baby Jairo recovered completely, and he is growing healthy and strong.”

All around the world, babies get sick with treatable illnesses like pneumonia, and parents worry about their children’s health. But thanks to the spark of hope you ignite through your support to our ministry, people like Kenia and Jairo know they are not alone.

You make these stories of hope possible! THANK YOU for supporting our Rural Health Care program.

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