Jania has been a patient at the Villa Guadalupe clinic for years. She lives with her husband, her daughter and their grandson. She is a housewife. Her husband is the only person in the house with a job.

Jania with part of her family, at the Villa Guadalupe Clinic.

“Here we are treated very well, I have no complaints. It’s close to me, the cost of the doctor’s visit is affordable (less than $1), and we get the treatment if they have it here. That helps us a lot because if we go to buy medicines at a drugstore it almost always costs more than 100 córdobas ($3 approx).

In addition, the exams and ultrasounds here are cheaper, in other places it is very expensive. This clinic is a great blessing for us.”

“I suffer from hypertension and that is why I come regularly to the clinic. Today, I have an allergy and the clinic gave me medicine for that too. I have an appointment to come back and see how I’m doing.

Without the Villa Guadalupe Clinic here, I would have to go to the hospital, but I would probably have to buy medicines at a drugstore. There are so many people in hospitals that sometimes they can’t keep up with all the patients.”

The Villa Guadalupe Clinic serves one of the most vulnerable populations in Managua. Thank you!

“My church and I have come to pray in front of the clinic. We pray for blessings for the people who make it possible for this clinic to work, we pray for God to put in their hearts the will to continue this great work. Through you the Lord sends these blessings to our community. May God bless each and everyone of this clinic’s supporters.

Please pray for this neighborhood, for the families that live here, too.”

Thank you for helping patients like Jania access the care and medicines they need!


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    Deborah Norton on August 10, 2023

    Thank you, Jania, for your prayers!

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