A testimony from Isabel Peralta, Health Promoter from La Consulta

“Two children – ages 4 and 5 – arrived sick to the community clinic. They were cousins. They came with one of their dads and an aunt. They live in a nearby community, called El Caimito. They had walked all the way to La Consulta hoping to find help for the sick children.

I examined them both according to my trainings with AMOS. I confirmed they had fever, difficulty to breathe, their respiratory frequency was altered, and I heard a distinct noise in their lungs. All of the symptoms indicated pneumonia. However, they were mild cases, that could still be treated in the community.”

You help provide medicines to rural community clinic in La Consulta.

“Thanks to the medicines AMOS and its supporters provide, I was able to give them a first dose of antibiotic and medicine for the fever right away, using the informational chart AMOS provided to me, to know the exact dose to be prescribed based on the weight of each child. I gave the adults the rest of medicines to complete the children’s treatments, and explained to them how and when to give it to them. 

Both, the dad and aunt, were relieved to get the care and medicines the children needed. They had been very worried because they didn’t have money to pay the bus fare to go the nearest health center. And, happily, both children recovered fairly quickly.”

Your support allows us to train and equip local leaders to prevent and treat disease, and care for those most in need, especially children, pregnant moms and vulnerable patients.

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