This past year, we had the opportunity to collect a series of inspiring stories you made possible through your unwavering support.

Ismael Sequeira, Health Promoter in the rural community of Banco de Sikia, located in the South Atlantic Region of Nicaragua, has shared with us a powerful testimony regarding the importance of having a stock of medicine during the pandemic.

Meet Ismael Sequeira!

Health Promoter in the community of Banco de Sikia, RACCS.

“Marvin was 13 months old, and his mom called me seeking urgent help. He was sick and she was worried about him, and she was even more worried about taking him out of their community amid the pandemic. She couldn’t afford bus fare, she was worried about leaving her other two kids at home, and she was afraid that either she or Marvin could get infected with the coronavirus.”

“As a Health Promoter, I know there is some level of risk when seeing patients. But my love for my community is stronger than my fear. So, wearing my personal protective equipment, I visited Marvin, and examined him.”

“His vitals, fever, and the way his cheststrained to take heavy and tired breaths all indicated he had pneumonia – but thankfully, not a serious case yet.”

“As trained by AMOS, I immediately treated him with amoxicillin. The medicine worked wonderfully, and he fully recovered a few days later. Marvin’s mom was incredibly grateful and relieved.”

“Thanks to AMOS and the medicines in our clinic, we can bring hope to people by helping them right within our community – which is especially invaluable during this pandemic.”

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